Lost Souls Carnival


Life is like a child’s frock: always dirty and way too short. This sally sententiously summarizes the gents of Lost Souls Carnival’s philosophy. Their slow, gloomy rock has a greasy edge, ideal for a noisy and smoky party at which the whisky flask is jovially passed on. The lyrics are interspersed with black humour and the search for interesting rhythms and harmonies demonstrates a firm rebellion against inappropriate happiness as well as resigned melancholy.

Lost Souls Carnival are a bunch a friends from Ghent, each with their musical past and inspirations. The full / foul guitar sound reminds of bands like Black Sabbath, The Black Angels, Unida , Graveyard et al. The melancholic harmonica shows ‘delta-blues’-influences from the Mississippi at the end of the 60’s. Ultimately add a voice uncannily resembling Jim Morrison and Glenn Danzig’s adulterate child, and one knows that we are dealing with a tight cocktail, without the watery ice or fruit juice. Bottoms up.