Paper Hats


One remorseless pulse. One compressed shockwave restraining the groove. The relentless push & pull of the Here And Now. It’s that same pulse that’s been deemed sacred in Paper Hat’s HQ. Take ‘Tana’ for example: Riding that beat is like scratching the surface. Instead, immerse yourself in its crusty analogue vibe. The groove? Angular. So be careful. Don't hurt yourself. The scratch marks will heal eventually. Better dance the night away.

This machine does not compute. What you hear is what you feel. You follow the flashing exit sign until it disintegrates. The light at the end of the tunnel is a mirage.
Slowmotion escapism.

Recklessly through the haze
Secretly shadow boxing

When push comes to shove, it’s as if nostalgia breathes pure woe. You wash off the Spleen and hope you’ll be alright. What else are you going to do? You smile, shake off the jitters, you hum the notes one cannot normally hear. The forceful panache of ‘OSH’ clings onto your limbs. A flag unfurls while you await the cyclone.

In this lab, on this evening, we’re storm chasers.

No ego, only synergy.
And that inevitable pulse.
Bend. Break. Bounce. Believe.

Why not call this a quest for something pure, something simple.
Okay, so now what? Well, try the charmingly sluggish ‘Zie’: a whirlpool of muzzled euphoria. A deliciously stressed out funk you cannot deny.

Death disco.
Cosmic balearic.
We brush the cobwebs out of the sky, longing for the comedown.