Ever since its inception, Consouling Sounds has focused on genre-defying music. Whether it was avant-garde, post, drone and ambient or metal, Consouling Sounds was looking for dark and moody tunes that urgently needed a platform. We have always steered away from electronic music, because we felt that we had very little affinity with that side of the musical landscape. However, electronic music has been evolving. We have been evolving. And now 10 years into our existence, we feel that Consouling Sounds and electronic music finally have found each other.

Some really exciting music came our way, and despite it being electronic music, the aesthetic and feel matches perfectly with what Consouling Sounds has come to stand for.
To make a distinction between the main Consouling Sounds catalogue and the selected electronic artists, we will brand the electronic releases as “Circuits, by Consouling Sounds”. Our very good friend and amazing artist Philippe Lantoine (Gummy PiracyLeague) designed the perfect logo for us: opposed to the crescent sun that marks the Consouling Sounds catalogue, the Circuits releases will be recognized by a crescent moon, bringing us full cycle.

The Circuits catalogue will bring a very selective palette of electronic music that also pushes the boundaries of the genre, and touches on the same aesthetics Consouling Sounds maintains. The very first release bearing the Circuits mark will be the debut album ’SALUTE’ of Belgian duo FÄR.