Consouling Sounds: in Residence

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Consouling Sounds: in Residence

This fall, Consouling Sounds opens up the doors to its first Residency Project. In ‘Consouling Sounds: in Residence’, the label takes a new step towards a redefinition of what a contemporary record label could look like. In a musical landscape where the DIY-perspective seems to spread to other genres, it becomes more and more important for the artist to actively experiment with the way he or she wants to present his or her music. For this first edition, three musical projects are invited to work closely together with the label and with each other. In this process they become more closely involved in every step of the way towards the release of an alternative album, and they exchange personal experiences. Moreover, they receive funding to experiment with product development. Does music always need to be spread through traditional physical media? Can we develop other products to support a release? How do we overcome the gimmicky in such a process? What is the interplay between the artistic and the economic in this respect and does it, in the end, pay off?

In the first research track we bring together Empusae , Monnik and dustbug and work with them for a year. We take our first steps towards becoming a house specialized in product development for the music scene. We build on a network of other adventurous maker companies and private partners. The results will be presented to the outside world under the form of three coinciding releases and several performances and public Q&As. The project is possible through the support of the Flemish Government.

In collaboration with: N.V. Koffies De Draak , Jewelry designer Aline Gorsen , Art director Christel Morvan, CC Ter Dilft, Muziekcentrum Track, Barcyclette, Snuffel Hostel Bruges.

Monnik - Bitteroogst - LP & CD - 11.10.2019

Bitteroogst is the result of a long period of experimenting and searching for his own voice. It expands upon the sound Monnik is known for. The droning guitar sounds are augmented by weeping banjos, lamenting lapsteel and buzzing synths.

Monnik's upcoming release comes with a tea ritual and a personalized tea made by Koffies De Draak! Exclusively available at live shows!

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Empusae - Iter In Tenebris - LP & CD - 11.10.2019

After the therapeutic album Lueur (featuring vocals by Colin H. Van Eeckhout), Sal-Ocin continues the exorcism by composing a new album. Through the medium of old 78 rpm phonograph records from the early 1900, each song captures a different demon. Resulting in a dark and ghostly ambient post-industrial soundtrack from oblivion.

Empusae's upcoming album 'Iter In Tenebris' comes with a very special packaging. You'll be able to see an enhanced version of reality on the cover artwork through AR (Augmented Reality).


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dustbug - Unfield & Stray - CD - 11.10.2019

Dustbug is the pseudonym of Karel Thant, an odd sound architect doing  nothing rather than entrench himself in a stronghold of music equipment.  From behind the battlements he leads a force to ethereal soundscapes and broad-shouldered drones. In the background lurk all kinds of  mechanical noises and alien ringing. While hushed melodic motifs  develop beneath, the border between grimy brightness and scraped darkness is garded.

For dustbug's debut release 'Unfield & Stray' we also have a limited edition of these amazing bugs made by Aline Gorsen!


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