Introducing: Vacuum

Allow us to introduce VACUUM - a sound choreography combining dance, video & quadraphonic sound with music by award winning composers David Poltrock (De Mens, Poltrock, winner of a Belgian Music Industry Award) and Adriaan de Roover (fka Oaktree, winner of a Red Bull Elektropedia Award).

"Nature abhors a vacuum: it is the stage for primal forces continuously striving to fill in the void. But how does one resonate in this world of chaos?"

It is the background for a new immersive performance conceived and directed by Aïda Gabriëls and her collective OESTER. Dates for VACUUM have been confirmed for Ancienne Belgique (Brussels where the artists were offered a residency during the pandemic), STUK (Leuven) and CCHA (Hasselt) in September and October.

About the music by Poltrock & de Roover:“Sultry and intriguing ambient soundscapes where all sense of space and focus is lost. From intimate and claustrophobic textures to monumental, crushing walls of noise.

About the performance: “A unique sound choreography leaving spectators to wander in a field of constantly shifting tension. In this audiovisual landscape the dancer performs a physical battle that brings to stage both brutal forces, primeval instincts and human fragility.

Info & tickets:

The music from the sound choreography VACUUM will be released digitally and on 12” vinyl record September 17 2021 on the Belgian label Consouling Sounds. 

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